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John Maceyko


John has been working in the real estate industry since 2001.  After obtaining his paralegal certification from Capital University Law School, he began working for a local Columbus law firm handling foreclosure cases.  Furthering his career, he joined a title company and became manager of the title search department.  John has performed residential title abstracts for ten years and has been working independently since 2009.  As part of his dedication to professional development, John has recently completed his Professional Land Management Certification through the University of Houston-Downtown.  In addition to his experience with residential title searches, John also has experience abstracting oil and gas leases for properties located in Eastern Ohio.


  • Notary Public
  • Certified Paralegal
  • Professional Land Management Certification
  • Member of Ohio Oil & Gas Association
  • Member of the Southern Ohio Oil & Gas Association


Phone: 614-580-0646

Email: john@jmtitle.com